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We provide premier, customized power factor and harmonic filtering technologies and solutions. Click the image above to download our corporate brochure.

About Power Survey

Company Background

Les Équipments Power Survey Ltee and Power Survey and Equipment Ltd (PSL) started business in 1948 in Montréal, Canada. In 1999, Luc Morency and his brother purchased the company from their father, incorporated Power Survey International Inc. in Delaware, and started selling in the US and across Canada. Sylvain Lanoue joined the company in 2003 and progressively earned a 50% share of the company.

In January, 2016 EnerTech Capital and Investissement Québec announced an investment in Power Survey and Equipment Ltd., investing a total of $10 million in the company.

The injection of capital was targeted toward improving existing operations, especially in the sales and technology/product development departments, and building a platform for acquisitions in the power quality and “Grid-Edge” space.

Following the investment by EnerTech and Investissement Québec, Power Survey replaced the existing leadership team with a new team who have deep experience in the energy industry and venture backed companies.

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In June 2017, Power Survey acquired Power Standards Lab Inc. of Alameda, California, a global leader in power quality, energy monitoring, and data analysis. Power Standards Lab partners with Fortune 500 companies in various industries as well as government agencies to help diagnose and solve electric power problems, deliver power quality testing, and provide certification. Their innovative PQube 3 is the best way to monitor power in real time, sending ultra-precise results immediately to your inbox. The acquisition will provide commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, utilities, and government agencies with a comprehensive set of products and services aimed at monitoring, diagnosing, trending, and resolving power quality issues.

Concurrent with the acquisition, Power Survey also closed a USD $24M Series A2 funding round led by EnerTech Capital and Investissement Québec. The funding was used to support M&A growth, including the PSL acquisition, as well as geographic expansion and product development. EnerTech Capital and Investissement Québec were joined in the funding round by three new investors: Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Cycle Capital Management.

Power Survey Today

Power Survey - Montreal Location

Today, Power Survey is a leading provider of power disturbance resolution solutions for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) energy users threatened by utility charges, equipment damage, and downtime losses stemming from an increase in power quality issues attributable to new technologies and generation trends on the energy grid.

Specifically, we ensure power resilience and dependability by providing the highest quality power factor correction and harmonic filtering solutions. These solutions enable commercial and industrial energy customers to reduce costs and operational issues stemming from power factor and harmonic issues.

With the increase in demand and the ever increasing cost of energy, it becomes evident that an energy management program is needed to control these costs. Our qualified engineers will make recommendations based on the specific power quality issues you are facing, helping you significantly reduce costs.

We also offer a complete range of equipment for power factor correction capacitors, harmonic filtering, and power monitoring and analysis, from 208v up to 35kV. Further, we manufacture customized switchgear, customized MCC from 208v up to 35kV to fit customer-specific needs.

The extensive experience of our engineering experts in LV and MV networks makes Power Survey a respected solution and system supplier in the exciting field of power quality.

Our Mission

Power Survey’s mission is to ensure energy resilience and dependability by providing high quality, affordable disturbance resolution solutions when failure is not an option.

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Corporate Brochure

power survey







Click the image above to download our corporate brochure.

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