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We’re experts in the design, development, and analysis of industrial, utility, and commercial power systems and power factor correction equipment.

Clients Choose Us Because We Offer:

Improved Performance

Our solutions will improve your voltage profile and power flow capacity. This will reduce your kVA billing and power factor penalties.

Robust Durability

We design all hardware and constructions for the most stringent technical and environmental requirements, whether it’s -40 °C temperatures in Canada, the high humidity rainforests of South America or challenging seismic up to zone 4 in California.

One-Stop-Shop Simplicity

From harmonic and power studies to product development and production, we provide a turn-key approach to helping your business conserve power usage or convert your power source to renewable energy.

We handle all stages of your project including design, development, assembly, testing, and commissioning.

Learn more about our engineering services.

Assured Reliability

Our quality management system validates that all equipment is carefully constructed, properly tested, and long-lasting. We test all major components continuously to ensure the highest quality and have achieved the ISO 9001-2016 standard.

Flexibility and Customization

In addition to our standard offering, we can also custom-build equipment from the very beginning. Right from the design stage, we’re able to customize equipment to configure to your site’s electrical and physical requirements.

Contact us to discuss how we can help with your power quality challenges.

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