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Posted by Christian Cossette

We are thrilled to announce that Power Standards Lab, a Power Survey company, has just launched two exciting new products for their industry standard PQube® 3 Power Analyzer line: PQube® 3e and PQube® 3v.

The flagship PQube® 3 is an ultra-precise multi-function and multiple-circuit power quality and energy meter trusted in thousands of environments including data centers, semiconductor tools, energy, and medical.

The PQube® 3 family delivers information that can be used immediately, without special software, allowing you to perform fast diagnostics of power issues and in-depth power consumption analysis.

PQube® 3e:

Going above and beyond the capabilities of the PQube® 3, the PQube® 3e offers 14 energy metering channels and advanced power quality features.

PQube® 3e is specifically designed for multi-load power consumption monitoring; 14 X single phase loads or up to 4 X 3-phase loads simultaneous metering within the same instrument. This device provides a fast way of diagnosing power quality issues.

Click here to learn more about the PQube® 3e!

PQube® 3v:

The PQube® 3v is a voltage quality analyzer ideal for price-sensitive applications where compliance is required, while load monitoring is not.

This product excels at verifying electricity delivered at the point of common coupling (PCC) and diagnosing equipment malfunction.

Click here to learn more about the PQube® 3v!

Power Survey is a leading provider of power quality solutions for commercial and industrial energy users threatened by utility charges, equipment damage, and downtime losses. Contact us today.

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