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Posted by Christian Cossette

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new power calculator tool, designed to help you recognize the real factors and costs behind your electrical production quality and use.

It’s simple to get started! Choose one of these two calculators, depending on your facility and needs:

Clients in a wide variety of industrial and commercial industries will be able to use this tool to determine valuable information about their power factor needs.

Know Your Electric Metrics

Power factor is a measurement of how effectively your electrical system converts electric current (supplied by your power utility) into useful power output.

Understanding the components of electrical use and resonance is critical to become a smarter power consumer. By knowing your power factor, you can take measures to improve efficiency and monitor your progress.

And, as you know, being energy-efficient means saving money.

Once you’re aware of your power factor, we can help by assessing your current electrical system and installing power factor correction capacitors, which act as reactive power generators and reduce the total amount of current your system draws from the grid.

Give this new tool a try and you’re well on your way to effective power factor correction!

Power Survey is a leading provider of power factor correction for commercial and industrial energy users threatened by utility charges, equipment damage, and downtime losses. Contact us today!

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