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Improving Power Quality for Grid Efficiency and Reliability

Based on extensive experience and using state-of-the-art technologies, Power Survey develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of products and solutions to improve the overall power quality of electrical networks by improving power factor, mitigating the harmonics, eliminating disturbances, and controlling the voltage in line with grid requirements and worldwide standards.

We provide power quality products, engineering, and services covering low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) applications up to 35kV.

As a Power Survey customer, you gain access to our vast knowledge and experience in capacitor and filter products and their application in the field, as well as complete support in the form of analyses, calculations, and suggestions on custom solutions.

All of our high quality products are designed by our experienced team of engineers and available only to Power Survey clients.Our capacitor banks and power factor correction equipment have life expectancies of over 10 years, allowing you to save significant money over time.

We will tailor a solution and recommend the ideal products to improve power resilience and power quality in your industrial or commercial facility.

Product Categories

Low Voltage Solutions

Power Survey’s line of low voltage solutions, including capacitor banks and filters, feature high quality components and capacities ranging from 150 kvar to 1200 kvar crafted into three standardized enclosure sizes.

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Medium Voltage Solutions

Power Survey’s line of medium voltage capacitor banks and filters enjoy an industry-wide reputation for combining high quality components and customized solutions.

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Active Harmonic Filters

Power Survey offers an active harmonic filter (AHF) that automatically determines the existence of harmonic currents across the frequency spectrum and creates “anti-currents” to reduce the harmonics to acceptable levels.

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Distribution and Switchgears

Our engineering team will design custom distribution panels and switchgear to your needs, while Power Survey’s specialized team will manufacture and test the equipment as per highest standards (always built to CSA, UL, and IEEE).

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Power Survey is the North American representative of Beluk GMBH, one of the leading manufacturers of power factor control controllers.

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