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Power Survey offers an active harmonic filter (AHF) that automatically determines the existence of harmonic currents across the frequency spectrum and creates “anti-currents” to reduce the harmonics to acceptable levels. The AHF cancels the entire spectrum of damaging harmonic currents at the point of connection.

Unlike passive filters, AHFs do not require a pre-study of the circuit’s harmonic currents to affect the design of the filter.

Typical applications include locations with large amounts of non-linear loads including 6- and 12-pulse variable frequency drives, DC drives, as well as other switch-mode power supply equipment.

Active Harmonic Filter General Specifications

  • 100A to 300A modules
  • 480Vac to 690Vac, without transformer
  • Wall-mount or stand-alone
  • Modules without enclosure for integration into drive lin-up and MCC

Benefits of an Active Harmonic Filter

  • Reduced production disturbances
  • Lower carbon dioxide emissions through improved energy efficiency
  • Lower current consumption and increased production stability
  • Increased equipment lifetime
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduces heat and wear on motors, drives, and other equipment
  • Fast enough to follow today’s dynamic loads (response time < 1 ms)
  • Automatically adapts to changes in load or installation
  • Reduces current and voltage harmonics

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