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Power Survey’s line of low voltage solutions, including capacitor banks and filters, feature high quality components and capacities ranging from 150 kvar to 1200 kvar crafted into three standardized enclosure sizes.

This standardized design supports faster order cycles, predictable dates, and competitive economics while providing the variety needed to meet any low voltage power factor correction needs.

Customization to your needs has been Power Survey’s speciality since 1948.

Low Voltage Industrial Capacitors

PowerCaps are capacitor-based products designed to be used when parts of your electrical system ...

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Low Voltage Capacitor Banks (Filtered and Non-filtered)

The PowerVar low voltage capacitor bank offers a complete range of high quality power factor ...

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Thyristor-switched Capacitor Banks

Power Survey’s Dynamic PowerVar LV thyristor-switched capacitor banks are used for ultra-rapid ...

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