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PowerVar LV

The PowerVar low voltage capacitor bank offers a complete range of high quality power factor correction solutions engineered to compensate reactive power and harmonic distortion. These are easy and flexible solutions that can immediately boost your facility’s energy efficiency and productivity by maintaining the power factor at an optimum level.

  • Programmable to automatically add/subtract capacitor banks to maintain pre-set target power factor
  • Heavy-duty, three-phase capacitor construction
  • 5 year warranty of cells
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Optional molded case circuit breaker, rated 65 kAIC at 480 V and 600 V
  • Personnel ground fault interruption provides protection in case of accidental contact with control power and ground
  • Bottom cable entry spacing
  • 20 kvar (50 kvar for filtered) to 1200 kvar @ (208-600V)
  • BFI, CLI, main breaker, and fuse disconnector as an option
  • Detune or single tune design; multi-tuning as an option
Capacitor Cells:
  • Self-healing, low loss metallized polypropylene dielectric film
  • Solder-free connections
  • In addition to a PCB-free, flame-resistant mineral filler material, the casings also contain an adhesive stabilizer
  • Three-phase overpressure disconnector
  • Discharge resistors to reduce residual voltage to less than 50V in one minute
  • Operating temperature of -40°C (-40°F) to 60°C (140°F)
  • Three phase copper wound gapped iron core reactor
  • Nominal current rating of 135% of rated capacitor current for detuned application and of 150% minimum for filter application
  • Designed for maximum of 110°C rise at rated current
  • Center phase temperature sensor for overload indication or step tripping
  • Tuning to 4.1st, 4.7th or any specific frequency required
  • Class H (220°C) insulation. UL and CSA listed
Enclosure: Nema 12 standard, 12-gauge steel with ANSI 61 light gray dry powder baked enamel. Options:
  • Nema 3R
  • Shipping splits
  • Special paint
  • Bus duct entry
  • Back to back construction
Ventilation: Forced ventilation sized per kvar rating with filtered intake vents. Layout: Modular construction with bottom installation of capacitors to ensure low ambient (less than 46°C) for these temperature sensitive components. No stacking of components to avoid heat build-up conditions. Fusing: Standard Class J fast acting, 200KA type fuses mounted on three phase fuse blocks with rated current of 150% of capacitor nominal current to insure both short circuit and overload protection. Pilot Light Indication: Each step is equipped with three neon light indicators for steps on and blown fuse indication. Incoming: Power blocks are standard on smaller bank (<500 kvar) while copper bus is provided on larger unit. Standard location is for top incoming.
  • Internal digital display of power factor, load current, voltage, and number of energized banks.
  • Programmable time-delay controls capacitor switching.
  • Output relays disabled within 15 milliseconds of main power interruption.
  • Non-sequential switching.
  • LED displays.
Control Auxiliaries:
  • Internal CPT provided with breakers primary and secondary protection
  • CT shorting block provided for easy change of polarity
Optional Alarms:
  • Target power factor not reached
  • Loss of control power
  • Reactor overtemperature
  • Cabinet overtemperature / fan failure
Other Options:
  • Main breaker
  • Main fuse switch
  • Special incoming: bottom, bus duct, etc.
  • Special enclosure
  • Special voltage rating
  • Very high harmonic currents: ie Ih > I60Hz
  • Export crating
  • Oil filled cells
PowerVar Type
Capacitor / Filter
Output Power
Part Number - For 480V
Part Number - For 600V
150 300 500 800 1000 1200
Capacitor Bank Harmonic Filter Capacitor Bank Harmonic filter Capacitor Bank Harmonic filter Capacitor Bank Harmonic Filter Capacitor Bank Harmonic Filter Capacitor Bank Harmonic Filter
37.5 45 50 60 62.5 65 75 80 100 120 125 150 60 75 80 100 120 125 150 140 160 175 180 200 220 225 240 250 275 300 140 160 175 180 200 220 225 240 250 275 300 350 400 450 500 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 550 600 650 700 750 800 850
12.5+12.5+12.5 15+15+15 12.5+12.5+25 20+20+20 12.5+25+25 15+30+30 25+25+25 20+20+40 25+25+50 40+40+40 25+50+50 50+50+50 20+20+20 25+25+25 20+20+40 25+25+50 40+40+40 25+50+50 50+50+50 20+3x40 4x40 25+3x50 20+4x40 4x50 20+5x40 25+4x50 6x40 5x50 25+5x50 6x50 20+3x40 4x40 25+3x50 20+4x40 4x50 20+5x40 25+4x50 6x40 5x50 25+5x50 6x50 50+3x100 2x50+3x100 1x50+4x100 2x50+4x100 50+3x100 2x50+3x100 1x50+4x100 2x50+4x100 50+5X100 6X100 50+6X100 7X100 50+7X100 8X100 50+5X100 6X100 50+6X100 7X100 50+7X100 8X100 50+8X100
PACR00374.3/0B01-0 PACR00454.3/0B01-0 PACR00504.3/0B01-0 PACR00604.3/0B01-0 PACR00624.3/0B01-0 PACR00654.3/0B01-0 PACR00754.3/0B01-0 PACR00804.3/0B01-0 PACR01004.3/0B01-0 PACR01204.3/0B01-0 PACR01254.3/0B01-0 PACR01504.3/0B01-0 PALR00605.3/0B01-0 PALR00755.3/0B01-0 PALR00805.3/0B01-0 PALR01005.3/0B01-0 PALR01205.3/0B01-0 PALR0125.3/0B01-0 PALR01505.3/0B01-0 PACR01404.4/0B01-0 PACR01604.4/0B01-0 PACR01754.4/0B01-0 PACR01804.5/0B01-0 PACR02004.4/0B01-0 PACR02204.6/0B01-0 PACR02254.5/0B01-0 PACR02404.6/0B01-0 PACR02504.5/0B01-0 PACR02754.6/0B01-0 PACR03004.6/0B01-0 PALR01405.4/0B01-0 PALR01605.4/0B01-0 PALR01755.4/0B01-0 PALR01805.5/0B01-0 PALR02005.4/0B01-0 PALR02205.6/0B01-0 PALR02255.5/0B01-0 PALR02405.6/0B01-0 PALR02505.5/0B01-0 PALR02755.6/0B01-0 PALR03005.6/0B01-0 PACR03504.4/0B01-0 PACR04004.5/0B01-0 PACR04504.5/0B01-0 PACR05004.6/0B01-0 PALR03505.4/0B01-0 PALR04005.5/0B01-0 PALR04505.5/0B01-0 PALR05005.6/0B01-0 PACR05504.6/0B01-0 PACR06004.6/0B01-0 PACR06504.7/0B01-0 PACR07004.7/0B01-0 PACR07504.8/0B01-0 PACR08004.8/0B01-0 PALR05505.6/0B01-0 PALR06005.6/0B01-0 PALR06505.7/0B01-0 PALR07005.7/0B01-0 PALR07505.8/0B01-0 PALR08005.8/0B01-0 PACR08504.9/0B01-0
PACR00376.3/0B01-0 PACR00456.3/0B01-0 PACR00506.3/0B01-0 PACR00606.3/0B01-0 PACR00626.3/0B01-0 PACR00656.3/0B01-0 PACR00756.3/0B01-0 PACR00806.3/0B01-0 PACR01006.3/0B01-0 PACR01206.3/0B01-0 PACR01256.3/0B01-0 PACR01506.3/0B01-0 PALR00607.3/0B01-0 PALR00807.3/0B01-0 PALR00807.3/0B01-0 PALR01007.3/0B01-0 PALR01207.3/0B01-0 PALR01257.3/0B01-0 PALR01507.3/0B01-0 PACR01406.4/0B01-0 PACR01606.4/0B01-0 PACR01756.4/0B01-0 PACR01806.5/0B01-0 PACR02006.4/0B01-0 PACR02206.6/0B01-0 PACR02256.5/0B01-0 PACR02406.4/0B01-0 PACR02506.5/0B01-0 PACR02756.6/0B01-0 PACR03006.6/0B01-0 PALR01406.4/0B01-0 PALR01606.4/0B01-0 PALR01756.4/0B01-0 PALR01806.5/0B01-0 PALR02006.4/0B01-0 PALR02206.6/0B01-0 PALR02256.5/0B01-0 PALR02406.4/0B01-0 PALR02506.5/0B01-0 PALR02756.6/0B01-0 PALR03007.6/0B01-0 PACR03506.4/0B01-0 PACR04006.5/0B01-0 PACR04506.5/0B01-0 PACR05006.6/0B01-0 PALR03507.4/0B01-0 PALR04007.5/0B01-0 PALR04507.5/0B01-0 PALR05007.6/0B01-0 PACR05506.6/0B01-0 PACR06006.6/0B01-0 PACR06506.7/0B01-0 PACR07006.7/0B01-0 PACR07506.8/0B01-0 PACR08006.8/0B01-0 PALR05507.6/0B01-0 PALR06007.6/0B01-0 PALR06507.7/0B01-0 PALR07007.7/0B01-0 PALR07507.8/0B01-0 PALR08007.8/0B01-0 PACR08506.9/0B01-0
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