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Dynamic PowerVar LV Filter

Power Survey’s Dynamic PowerVar LV thyristor-switched capacitor banks are used for ultra-rapid transient-free power factor compensation due to fast varying or large low voltage connected loads, giving additional benefits of transient-free compensation and voltage dip minimization.

With the Dynamic PowerVar LV technology, large capacitor steps can be connected to the network very fast. By using a step-up transformer, this solution can be also used for capacitive compensation in medium voltage installations.

  • Transient-free capacitor group switching, using thyristor switching elements
  • Consistent capacitor values and stable filter characteristics
  • Harmonic filtration
  • Rated power: 150 kvar – 12.8 mvar
  • Step size: 50, 100, 200 and 400 kvar
  • Maximum power per cubicle: 400 kvar
  • Detuning reactor: 7% for three-phase system
  • Response time:
    • Closed loop: < 3 cycles
    • Open loop: < 1 cycle
  • External trigger: instantaneous
  • Working ambient temperature: -10°C to +40°C max. average
  • Installation: Free floor standing
  • Execution: Indoor installation in clean environment up to 1000 m altitude
  • Humidity: Maximum 95%, non-condensing

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