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Power Survey’s line of medium voltage capacitor banks and filters enjoy an industry-wide reputation for combining high quality components and customized solutions.

For critical, non-standard projects where stock offerings from large manufacturers will not work and deeply discounted units cannot be trusted, we have the experience and expertise needed to deliver high quality, customized medium voltage capacitor banks and filters on-time and on-budget.

Medium Voltage Industrial Capacitors

The PowerCap MV (5 kV class) is used for medium voltage, heavy-duty applications when a fixed ...

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Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks (Filtered and Non-filtered)

The PowerVar Medium Voltage is a designed, factory-assembled, and tested reactive compensation ...

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Medium Voltage Pole-Mounted Capacitor Banks

Power Survey’s pole-mounted capacitor banks are an effective solution for shunt reactive ...

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Rack/Structure Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks

Power Survey offers three primary types of open stack rack equipment: Externally fused ...

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Pad-Mounted Capacitor Banks

Power Survey’s pad-mounted capacitor banks are compact power centers for utility, commercial, or ...

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