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PowerVar MV

The PowerVar Medium Voltage is a designed, factory-assembled, and tested reactive compensation system with modular fixed or switched capacitor steps, which will automatically compensate an individual load or the network to maintain a pre-set level of power factor.

Flexibility in engineering and product design has been a trademark of Power Survey since its inception in 1948.


PowerVar MV is designed per your application requirements and includes:

  • Externally operated main air disconnects or load break switch
  • Mechanically operated switch
  • Oil or vacuum switches for manual or automatic capacitor step switching
  • Surge arrestors for vacuum switched harmonic filters
  • Key interlock systems
  • Transient inrush reactors
  • Control power transformers

Each PowerVar MV capacitor and filter bank undergoes full functional and electrical tests, which include:

  • NEMA and ANSI standards production test
  • Full high-pot, functional, and continuity testing
  • BIll and other special tests are available upon request

In addition to equipment, Power Survey can offer other products and services such as:

  • Power system harmonic analysis with detailed printed reports
  • Field power system measurements to verify harmonic analysis and results
  • Equipment supply on total turn-key basis
  • Voltages from 2400 V – 35,000 V
  • 11 gauge all welded enclosures
  • Galvanized steel outdoor enclosures
  • Reactive power ratings through 15 mvar
  • Harmonic tuned, de-tuned, or multi-tuned filter designs available
  • Blown fuse indication optional
  • Delivered fully assembled, tested, and ready for interconnection
  • Integral protection and control system
  • Top or bottom cable entry
  • Earthling switch
  • 60 kV BIll up to 4.8 kV
  • 95 kV BIll from 7.2 kV to 14.4 kV
  • Up to 12 automatic switched capacitor stages
  • Removable air filters without opening enclosure doors
  • Blocking timers to prevent re-closing of a capacitor stage in less than 200 seconds
  • Meets the following requirements:
    • ANSI
    • IEEE
    • NEC
    • NESC
    • CSA (when specified)
  • 11 gauge, seam welded NEMA 1, 3R, or 4X ratings
  • Outdoor units consist of galvanized steel
  • C-Channel base is supplied for rigidity and skidding into place
  • ANSI gray-61 corrosion resistant enamel
  • Continuous ¼" x 2" ground bus
  • Heavy-duty 3-point latching mechanism with rollers
  • Stainless steel pin hinges and fastening hardware inside and out
  • Aluminum or galvanized steel nameplates and warning labels blind-riveted to enclosure
  • Forced air ventilation
  • 95kV BIl rating, low loss, double bushing, all-film capacitors
  • Ungrounded Y- configuration switched in specified kvar increments
  • Stainless steel tank and mounting brackets with a light gray finish
  • Meet the latest applicable ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, and CSA standards
  • Non-PCB dielectric fluid
  • Internal discharge resistors
Protection and Protection Schemes:
  • 50kA current limiting fuses
  • Blown fuse detection and phase unbalance schemes
  • Y grounded with ground current transformer
  • *Y ungrounded with potential
  • Transformer in neutral to ground connection
  • *Double-Y connected with neutral current transformer
  • Control power transformer with both primary and secondary current limiting fuses
  • Externally operated main air disconnect or load interrupting switch
  • *Fused, non-fused, shunt-trip, rated for capacitive current interruption
  • Mechanically interlocked ground switch
  • Oil or vacuum switches for switching the capacitor kvar steps on and off
  • Surge arrestors for vacuum switched harmonic filter reactors
  • Kirk Key interlock systems
  • Transient inrush reactors
Power Factor Controller:

The capacitor banks are equipped with a digital power factor controller. The controller has a digital display that shows plant power factor, plant current level, and plant voltage level. Set point power factor is set by digital display.


Reactors are designed specifically for each application and include:

  • Standard iron core design
  • Air core reactors based on application requirements
  • Three phase reactors up to 4.16 kV
  • Single phase reactors at higher voltages
  • Reactors for de-tuned and harmonic filter banks are supplied with insulation levels and current ratings in accordance with specific harmonic loads
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