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Power Survey’s pole-mounted capacitor banks are an effective solution for shunt reactive compensation on overhead distribution networks. Our pole-mounted capacitor banks are suitable for use in networks up to 35 kV.

The capacitor system offers customers several benefits, including:

Pole-Mounted Capacitor Banks are available as fixed or switched systems, depending on the network profile. All systems are selected single phase capacitors arranged in grounded Y, ungrounded Y, or delta configuration. Three-phase capacitors are also available.

  • Pre-wired, factory assembled, and shipped ready for installation
  • Banks are fixed or switch type and use all-film, single phase capacitors connected for three-phase operation
  • Capacity: 150 kvar and above
  • Network Voltage: Up to 35kV
  • Phase: 3PH
  • Built to CSA, UL, and IEEE standards
  • Options:
    • Internal fuses
    • Blown fuse indicators
    • Unbalance protection
    • Disconnect switch
    • Ground switch
    • Others as required

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