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Power Survey’s pad-mounted capacitor banks are compact power centers for utility, commercial, or industrial applications. With proper design selection, they can be located near or inside buildings for greater flexibility and savings.

They are designed to withstand all environmental hazards and to meet or exceed all applicable ANSI, NEMA, IEEE standards, and NEC® and CEA specifications.

These low-profile cabinets are shipped completely assembled, including capacitors, switches, fuses, PTs, and other accessories (when specified).

  • Capacity: 150 kvar and above
  • Network voltage: Up to 25kV
  • Phase: 3PH
  • Built to CSA, UL, and IEEE standards
  • 12 Ga. steel construction throughout
  • Meets ANSI and Western Underground tamper resistance standards
  • Paint system meets ANSI C57.12.28
  • All door-to-cabinet seams are of double baffle design for extra security
  • Stainless steel door hinges
  • Bold, clear cautionary labels
  • Circuit diagram on inside of doors
  • Doors provided with padlockable handle with vandal-resistant three-point latching
  • Cabinet doors have lift off capabilities when in open position
  • Positive door stop locks for open position
  • Options:
    • Internal fuses
    • Blown fuse indicators
    • Unbalance protection
    • Disconnect switch
    • Ground switch
    • Others

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