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Power Survey offers three primary types of open stack rack equipment:

  1. Externally fused
  2. Internally fused
  3. Fuseless

Each of these options has its own unique set of advantages and limitations. Our engineering staff can help choose the design that best fits your specific requirements.

Open Rack/Structure Capacitor Banks are most applicable where large blocks of three-phase reactive power are required. Capacitors and auxiliary equipment are installed in welded aluminum racks. Racks are shipped ready for field installation including base and inter-rack insulators, substructures, interconnecting bus wire, and other specified accessories for a complete three-phase system.

Harmonic filters are also available if you need power factor correction in a harmonic environment.

  • Capacity: 150 kvar and above
  • Network voltage: 2400V and above
  • Phase: 3PH
  • Options:
    • Internal fuses
    • Blown fuse indicators
    • Unbalance protection
    • Disconnect switch
    • Ground switch
    • Others

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