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Even with an expected life of over 10 to 15 years, it’s natural for electrical equipment, such capacitors, capacitor banks, and harmonic filters to degrade over time – but it doesn’t necessarily have to fail.

Our preventive maintenance team will evaluate the condition of your equipment and determine the most cost-effective and manageable way to ensure its overall performance, safety, and reliability.

Preventive maintenance benefits include:

  • Reducing unplanned downtime
  • Lowering overall maintenance costs
  • Improving system reliability
  • Preventing problems before they occur
  • Extending life of equipment
  • Ensuring personnel safety

Our Standard Preventive Maintenance Program

This program includes:

  • Inspecting typical components within power quality equipment
  • Establishing schedules and procedures for routine inspections
  • Periodically testing and monitoring equipment
  • Promptly repairing or replacing defective equipment found during inspection and testing
  • Using our inventory of spare parts to minimize your downtime
  • Scheduling tests and documenting inspectings with our organized record-keeping system
  • Ensuring that records are complete and detailed, and that they record test results and follow-up actions

Our Custom Preventive Maintenance Services

We can design and implement a specific preventive maintenance strategy that will reduce your overall maintenance costs and the amount of time spent on unplanned maintenance. And more significantly: improve the overall reliability throughout your facility.

Our customizable preventive maintenance services include:

  • Maintenance planning and program development
  • Periodic inspection, cleaning, and lubrication
  • Equipment calibration
  • Electrical testing for all electrical equipment/components
  • Power factor testing and continuous monitoring
  • Ground fault testing
  • Ground resistance testing
  • Transformer vacuum filling and commissioning
  • Line disturbance analysis
  • Harmonic and power quality measurements
  • Voltage/load recording

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