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Improper equipment installation can cause equipment failure, resulting in costly downtime and delays.

At Power Survey, our goal is to keep your business up and running as efficiently as possible by ensuring that your equipment is installed properly, meets factory standards, and passes our stringent performance tests.

We visually, electrically, and mechanically inspect equipment to make sure complies with the specifications and design intent, and that no damage occurred during shipment. We check the equipment and all of its components – such as the controller, protective devices, relays, capacitors, and reactors – to make sure they are set up properly and functioning correctly.

Our start-up and commissioning services include:

  • Installation supervision and attestation
  • Confirming the equipment operates as specified
  • Identifing and notifing the owner of equipment modifications that may be required
  • Gathering and evaluating initial operational data
  • Verifying correct operation of all interfaces between new and existing equipment

We could also perform electrical testing to verify insulation, current path, functionality, sequencing, and more.

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